WHISTLE-BLOWING POLICY of Johore Tin Berhad’s Group of Companies
 The Board acknowledges the importance of establishing a corporate culture which governs the high standards of ethic and good conduct of all Directors and employees.
<style=”text-align:justify;”>In line with the objective, this policy aims to provide an avenue for employees or external parties to report any breach or suspected breach of any laws or regulations and the Group’s policies. An employee who makes a report under this policy shall not be subject to any unfair dismissal, victimisation, suspension, harassment, discrimination or any retaliatory actions by the Group.</style=”text-align:justify;”></height=”15”>
 The following are the policy statement and general principles apply to the Group:
a) Any employees or external party who has a reasonable belief that there is a breach of suspected breach, may raise the complaint or make a disclosure;
b) The complaints/disclosures made must be in good faith, any allegations shall have sufficient evidences and have reasonable grounds for believing it to be substantially true;
c) The Group will ensure that any employee who raises a complaint/disclosure will not subject to penalised, unfair dismissal or retaliation by the Management;
d) Any employee who retaliates against the employee or external party who has reported a violation in good faith is a serious offence and disciplinary action will be taken by the Group; and
e) However, if the employee who reported fake complaint/biased disclosure, he/she will face disciplinary actions taken by the Group, depends on the seriousness of the issue.
 The following are the procedures to lodge a report/make a disclosure under this policy:
a) The whistle-blower should promptly report the issue of wrongdoing to the Chairman of Audit Committee in writing;
b) The report must be in writing supported by the evidences (if any) to ensure that there is a clear understanding on the issue being reported. The report shall send it to the mailing address or email as stated below:
 i) Private and Confidential (WBP)ii) Private and Confidential (WBP)
 The Chairman of the Audit CommitteeRegistered Office
 PTD 124298, Jalan Kempas LamaSuite 1301, 13th Floor
 Kampung Seelong JayaCity Plaza, Jalan Tebrau
 81300 Skudai80300 Johor Bahru
 Johor, MalaysiaJohor, Malaysia
 Email: jtb@johoretin.com.myEmail: info@my.tricorglobal.com ;
 c) The Audit Committee shall be responsible for investigating and making appropriate written recommendations to the Board for decisions and further actions to be taken;
d) The Audit Committee will then notify the sender in writing that acknowledge receipt of the report within seven (7) working days;
e) All reports received shall be promptly investigated by the Audit Committee and appropriate actions will be recommended to the Board for discussion and approval; and
f) The Audit Committee has the authority to obtain legal counsel, accountants, private investigators or any other resource, if deemed necessary, to conduct a full and comprehensive investigation and allegations.
Updated on 17/04/2019
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